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Top Apps for the homeowner

Nowadays the one item that we all consider an indispensable part of our lives is our smartphones; nobody can argue with the fact that they can no longer be without their phone for even an hour, not to mention an entire day. In our fast paced lifestyles we are fortunate to have technology and information…Read More→

Affordable Bedding Plants

When you’ve got a garden to fill and a budget to keep to, budget plants can be ideal items to add to your shopping list. You’d be looking for ones that offer long flowering times, require little maintenance, can thrive in a multitude of conditions or just quite plainly have free-flowing growth habits. Beautiful gardens…Read More→

Is your money working for you?

Many people grow up having conflicting values around money and wealth and misunderstanding how they work together. Often a person may say they want to be wealthy, but what they really want is financial freedom. It is of crucial importance to manage your money effectively, master it, and instruct it to do what you want…Read More→

Keeping cool over the holiday season

Living in the Southern Hemisphere goes hand in hand with hot summer temperatures. Air conditioners in all homes will be cranked up to maximum speed to keep families cool, providing welcome relief from the sweltering heat. Not too long ago, having an air conditioner in your home was a luxury only accessed by the elite; nowadays almost…Read More→

A Guide to Capital Gains Tax

At first glance, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) may seem like yet another thing to worry about when completing a tax return, but it needn’t cause confusion. CGT is not a separate tax but forms part of income tax, which is taxed at a lower effective tax rate than ordinary income. Capital Gains Tax is basically…Read More→